Made over a weekend as part of the 2023 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge, “Man Eater” tells the tale of Alison, a young woman trying to be a reliable house-sitter whose responsibilities include feeding the family pet. But when hunky Gerardo causes a ripple in her routine, Alison must decide what’s more important - love or sacrifice? 

Written, Directed, and Edited by Marco Ragozzino 
Starring Sam Valentine, Horacio Abaroa, Jonny Cannizzaro 
Music by Ben Jorgensen and Jerome Kurtenbach 
Visual Effects & Animation by Brandon Garcia

Winner of the 2022 Blackmagic Collective Fellowship Award, this satirical horror-comedy explores what a nightmare it can be to own a home in Southern California. 

Directed and Edited by Marco Ragozzino
Written by Eddie Alfano
Starring Eddie Alfano, Sara Spadacene, Whitney Anderson, James Harvey Ward
Director of Photography Aaron Nardi
A behind-the-scenes look at how this creative couple captures breathtaking vistas through their unique approach to photography.

Directed and Edited by Marco Ragozzino
Tony shares some "exciting" news during game night, 
but soon realizes his enthusiasm may be wildly misguided...

Directed and Edited by Marco Ragozzino
Written by Eddie Alfano​​​​​​​
Desperate to pay back his debts, a lowly con artist tracks down the only 
person who can help him - a reclusive and mysterious Fortune Teller. 

Written and Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Starring Katrina Bowden and Eddie Alfano

Winner - Jury Prize - 2017 Shout! Studios, Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge
Eddie Cartwright has a dead-end job... literally. Can he handle the pressures of working in a 
call center or will his cursed co-workers drive him over the edge?

Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Written by Marco Ragozzino and Eric Brown
Starring Tim Bagley, Gina Holden, Missi Pyle, and Marco Ragozzino

Official Selection - 2015 HollyShorts Film Festival
After a devastating breakup, Grant happens upon a discarded TV/VCR combo containing 
life-changing secrets...

Written & Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Starring Kevin Pasdon and Navaris Darson
Eddie is frustrated. He's a 'typecast' actor, playing a cop in over a dozen films and TV shows. 
In a bold act of defiance against his agent (Tim Bagley), Eddie takes 
drastic measures to land his dream role: a homicidal psycho killer.
 But can Hollywood see Eddie as anything more than the kind, lovable guy he is?

Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Written by Eddie Alfano
Starring Eddie Alfano, Tim Bagley, Adam Rose, and Pamela Gray

Winner - Audience Choice Award - 2015 Stony Brook Film Festival

The story of a love dis-connection

Written & Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Starring Greg Roman and Roxanna Kaye

Winner - Best Technical Achievement - 2015 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge
Pari Matlani's 31st birthday is off to a great start - 
until her mother shows up with an unusual surprise...

Written & Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Starring Zehra Fazal and Eddie Alfano

Winner - Best Comedic Performance - 2016 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge
A lonely drifter finds companionship in the most unlikely of places.

Written and Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Starring Jon Eiswerth and Katie Molinaro

Winner - Jury Prize Runner Up - 2014 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge
Official Selection - 2015 Coney Island Film Festival 
Journey into the dramatic underbelly of Chicago's waste management where
corruption and betrayal lurk around every dumpster. 

Directed by Marco Ragozzino
Written by Greg Roman
Starring Greg Roman and Paula Christensen

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